Our Programs


This is one of our projects. We are creating awareness and making young girls especially those in the rural areas aware of the need to use a sanitary towel/ pad when on their monthly flow. We would be donating pad/ sanitary towels to so many different schools and having talks about this.

Motherless babies food supply

Babies are precious gifts from God. Some are privileged while others are not. We as an organization though small will be donating food items to help support them. We are all mothers and we know how it feels not to be able to provide for our children.

Special educational needs schools

We provide schools with exercise books, pens, toilet roll and many more. With more support we are able to get more and do more for more people. The students are always happy to receive our gifts.

Skills acquisition support

We support women from various areas with any skill of their choice. IWOS ensures they acquire these skills to help them become independent, strong and be able to provide for their families.

Women development

We at IWOS aim to develop women on various levels in their life. We aim to develop them individually, as a group in all areas of their lives. We aim to improve them and equip them all round.


We at IWOS are happy to offer a scholarship to young and aspiring children who have potential and are not able to go to school and become better citizens of the country.