Influential women of substance was founded out of my quest to support widows, women, the girl child and motherless babies. it was founded in 2016 by Fiona Ibiene Tetenta.

IWOS is a secular organization with no religious or political affiliations.

We are open to all women regardless of their age, religion, ethnicity, educational or social background. Our work is mostly for poor rural areas where a lot of women have been neglected by government and society at large.

We work with other organisations which share our vision and values to provide relevant support to these women.

We aspire, motivate and support people especially women, children, ladies and widows.


I have always had the passion to help people and I feel good when I do this. As a little girl I remember saying that I would like to be very rich so I can give to people who do not have. I used to see my mum(rest her soul) then pack up our old cloths and some food stuff and give to some women, I never understood it but I was always quick to tell her that my cloths were small so she could give them out to those that needed it. It felt good , I hoped and believed that one day I will be in the position to do same and more for those who needed it especially women.

In 2016, I got a call from a young lady in Nigeria whom I met through facebook in one of the groups I belonged to. She was asking me for help because she has been abandoned by her baby father and needs to support herself and her baby. She did not ask for feeding money rather money to help support her in her hair dressing business. I helped her with some little money to start her up. This moved me and I felt that there would be a lot more women out there who would be in the same situation or worse or better still would want to support their husbands as well but need that little push or help to do so. I was encouraged and moved and decided to start up this charity for women. To help support, Inspire, encourage, motivate and help women.

We are still a growing organisation and would be happy to gain the support of the government, local authorities, individuals, religious leaders and many more. This is for our future the future of our country and society at large. We are not looking to help the whole world but the little we help will in turn help a lot more people and the cycle continues. So far we have touched a few lives and that few has drawn awareness to other people. We have fed the needy, clothed those who need it, support families and individuals, donated to a special educational needs school, visited patients in the hospital and we are looking forward to doing more.

There is a lot we can do to help those who need it. We are only looking to give back to so many people which is our driving force. We have not been around for so long but have been able to touch alot of lives so far and we hope to continue doing so,

Fiona Tetenta

CEO & Founder

Dr Ibiwari Tetenta


Vivian Durueke


Chidozie Ogbonna

General Manager

Maureen Okoye-Ani

Financial Secretary

Uchechi Abiakwu

PH Chapter Coordinator

Vivian Viola Oseni

General Secretary

Chisa Ehoro

Office administrator PH chapter