IWOS is a secular organization with no religious or political affiliations. We are open to all women regardless of their age, religion, ethnicity, educational or social background.

Our work is mostly for poor rural areas where a lot of women have been neglected by government and society at large. We work with other organizations which share our vison and values to provide relevant support to these women.

Our Mission:

Is to support women and girls professional and personal development through education, training and skills aquisation.

We aim to motivate, support and encourage all women and girls in the best possible way we can to promote insdependency and self actualisation.

In 2016, I got a call from a young lady in Nigeria whom I met through Facebook in one of the groups I belonged to. She was asking me for help because she has been abandoned by her baby father and needs to support herself and her baby. She did not ask for feeding money rather money to help support her in her hair dressing business. I helped her with some little money to start her up.

This moved me and I felt that there would be a lot more women out there who would be in the same situation or worse or better still would want to support their husbands as well but need that little push or help to do so. I was encouraged and moved and decided to start up this charity for women. To help support, Inspire, encourage, motivate and help women. 

Fiona Tetenta (Founder I.W.O.S)


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